Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sensabot Speeds



 In this experiment the controlled variable was the robot and the program,and that is the variable that never changes. Also the dependent variable is the speed and the variable that changes because of the independent variable. Finally the independent variable in the experiment was surface and that is the variable the only variable that ever changes in the experiment. That is what happened in the variable experiment.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sesabot Challenge

First Lily and I used block B+C,and used real rotation 70. Than we learned by watching videos to make  arm go up we do 25 but to make it go make down we had to do subtract 25 and that made it go down. We faced a lot of challenges one was we deleted our project ,but in away in away that helped cause we were not getting the wheel rotations and when we started fresh that helped us. We had great accoplishments and even if it happened bit by bit we figured out that to make things go backwards you just subtract that number for the number that make sit go foward. We used block A to make the robot go backwards go up and down and to make it go backwards we did B+C to make the robot move faster. We needed more of block B+C because that's what make the handle bar go up and and down.